Business IT Security

This post is not intended to be comprehensive IT security guide. The intent of the post is to educate business (and even home) users to common risks that they may not even be aware of. Business owners/managers have enough to worry about and they cannot be expected to be an … Continue reading

Backup Your Data

I often see people after disaster strikes and most knew they should have been backing up their data. I have been successful in most data recovery attempts, but there has been data I have been unable to recover. Many years of memories have been lost forever. All Hard Drives Will Eventually Fail … Continue reading

LastPass Password Manager

LastPass is a password manager service and much more. It allows you to automatically log in to web pages, store secure notes, automatically fill in forms, store secure notes, generate secure passwords, and more. After you create a free account you simply install an extension in your web browser, log … Continue reading

Prepare a Computer for Employee Use

If you are a business or institution that assigns computers to individual employees, we highly recommend that you properly prepare the computers before they are assigned for use. This is for accountability purposes and applies to each and every time a computer is reassigned. We receive computers for forensic examinations … Continue reading