Sandbox Your Computer

Sandboxing, in computers terms, refers to isolating certain programs or functions in a secure area (to put it very simply). This allows you to run untrusted programs or browse malicious websites without concern of infecting your system. If you want a more descriptive explanation, visit this link. There are a few programs … Continue reading

Secure Your Passwords

It seems like every website requires a password and it is impossible to remember every one of them if using unique and secure passwords. This often causes people to use the same password on every site, which is a very bad idea. If a criminal gets access to one, they … Continue reading

Disk Encryption

If your computer(s) contain sensitive information that could be exploited if lost or stolen, it is highly recommended to use some type of disk encryption. My preferred program is TrueCrypt, which is free for personal and commercial use. Though I was quick to point out that TrueCrypt is free, this is not … Continue reading