Program to Locate Your Stolen Computer

Laptop and desktop computers are often stolen in burglaries. Being able to track them can help law enforcement to locate the thieves or those that purchase stolen property. One of the most common programs for tracking stolen computers is LoJack for Laptops. This software is not cheap, but in addition to locating your computer, it can lock or delete the system.

I wanted to see what else was available from other companies so I did some searching. That was when I located Prey, which has a free option with some limitations [of course]. This product will protect laptop computers, desktop computers, and even cell phones. Here’s quick a video describing Prey.

If the free option does not meet your needs, there are different paid plans with additional  features.

My Experience
The free version of Prey appears to be a good option for my laptops so I am testing it out.

The download was quick and easy to install. So easy in fact that there was no need to do a walk through. Once done installing Prey, I created an account that did not ask for much information. I received an email confirming the account and then I was sent to the log in page. I used my username and password to log in and then I saw my laptop displayed.


I clicked on the image of my laptop and was taken to the options screen. The screenshot below only shows some of the many options.


I am going to keep using Prey and update this post after I have had enough time to form an accurate opinion.