Training Services


Inland Investigations Group provides professional investigative training classes in the area of technology through our training partner, Inland Direct. For a schedule of upcoming training see the class support website – Advanced Internet Investigations.

Social Networking – Internet Artifacts Class (SNET)
The Social Networking Internet Artifacts Investigations Course is an entry-level courses designed for patrol personnel, investigators, and detectives. This course is currently offered to both public and private sectors attendants. Class participants benefit from a classroom environment that incorporates guided instruction and practical lab exercises. Students will be given hands-on experience with social networking websites and will apply techniques learned in class.

Advanced Internet Searching Class (INET)
The Advanced Internet Searching Course goes beyond Google to identify information contained in blogs and RSS feeds that isn’t readily apparent to the average user. Students will learn how to find important data that search engines do not capture. Further, we teach how to examine public record sources, which include both free and fee-oriented data, available through the Internet. Students will be provided with many additional tools used for effective Internet intelligence gathering, security, and safety.

Email Tracing & Internet Profiling (ENET)
The course is designed for public and private sector investigators. The course will provide students with the current techniques for conducting IP tracing and advanced internet investigations. The student will be provided instruction on the network systems that make the exchange of information on the internet possible. The course will also address reading email headers, tracing email, tracing internet user groups, how to effectively use internet and software resources, and instruction on how to use this information with different types of criminal and civil investigations.