Investigative Services

Inland Investigations Group specializes in the following services:

Computer Forensics
There are many reasons why you or your company may require the service of a computer forensics investigator. If you suspect that you may have an incident requiring forensic investigation and analysis of computer evidence, you should secure the computer from further use and contact us immediately.

Our investigators have more than ten years of experience and are experts at gathering and analyzing electronically stored information [ESI] from most computer hardware, peripherals, operating systems and applications. A computer forensic investigation uncovers digital evidence from all types of electronic documents, internet history, computer log files, email correspondence and data remnants.

Internet IP, Domain, & Email Tracing
Internet research has become a key issue in most investigations. Our professionals have experience with tracing Internet IP (Internet Protocol) addresses to their origins. We can also track down current and historical domain (website) address information including the owner information for a particular period of time. Internet email has also become a challenging area of investigation. Our experienced investigators can often trace email messages and identify the author.

Personnel Investigations
Personnel investigations are necessary whenever there is an allegation or indication of employee misconduct. We handle these matters with utmost care and confidentially. Our agency consists of skilled investigators who possess superior interviewing and investigation techniques. Our in-house computer forensic facility allows us to examine digital media in a timely manner and respond to information obtained from various devices or email accounts belonging to the client.

Business Services
Use our services to assist in; partnership disputes, employee/management disputes, verification in mergers and acquisition transactions, sexual harassment, corporate espionage, data authentication, corporate sabotage, embezzlement and fraud.

Legal Professionals
Attorneys from all fields, court appointed council, receivers, legal support services and paralegals in civil and administrative matters.

Private Investigators
We provide specialized support services to investigators with electronic data and E-Discovery involving password retrievals, computer security, data recovery and electronic authentication.

Private Individuals
Retain our services for a wide variety of legal and domestic matters such as; asset searches, mistrust and family disputes.

Other Areas
Our investigators are skilled in specialized video surveillance techniques and the use of covert surveillance equipment. Video that is obtained surreptitiously can be processed into a variety of different formats for delivery to the client.

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Inland Investigations Group has a competitive pricing structure. Each client and their respective environment is different. Our bids are tailored to each client’s specific circumstance.